Mini loans to decorate the house. That many will find it more than exaggerated to request mini-credits to decorate the house for Christmas? Well, probably. But, we better make a count of all the decorative elements that are placed in Spanish homes for Christmas and then judge.

Let’s start with the entrance of the house

Because, as soon as we enter, we have to tell our guests that, at least home, Christmas has arrived. A majestic crown has to welcome. Yes it is true that you can do it yourself in the company of the kids, but it is no less true that, to get down to work, you must have time and materials. At the same door, that a Santa Claus invites you to pass is not bad, right?

We’re going for two: crown and the figure of Santa Claus. Add and follow because the windows are another of the places in the house that are decorated. This time with garlands or colored stars that, or do you save a little or you should buy if you do not have time.

We continue with the advent calendar that makes children so excited

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There are those who love to decorate it with sweets for each day; so the little ones will have more than assumed the amount of goodies that can be eaten per day. Again, sweets, calendar and calendar ornaments cost money.

The portal of Bethlehem, whose size will depend on the space you have at home, is one of the most expensive Christmas items. You can buy figure by figure, the complete Bethlehem or even do it to your liking, little by little, acquiring the figures in white and then painting them yourself. You know what the latter entails: (possibly) less money and more time.

The felt sock is an essential Christmas and in addition, each child wants to have a unique sock. Although you can also buy it, this is one of the bets that we recommend you leave to do as a family. Here it does not take long and the materials are economical. Ideal to share Christmas moments with the family.

And, last but not least, the great Christmas tree, the most representative symbol, for which there is a great diversity of options. This is a reason for union for families and enthusiasm among the little ones. Their prices vary according to size, whether it is natural or artificial and also according to the decoration. But come on, that is also an expense.



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